Vatra Dornei – Balneary resort

Natural healing factors:

  • mountain climate, which has a tonic, stimulant effect
  • sparkling mineral waters- mostly
  • natural pits
  • peat mud wraps

Therapeutic indication:

  1. Prophylaxis of healthy or apparently healthy people ,who are predisposed to diseases (genetically, physical and intellectual overwork, sedentary lifestyle, functional disturbance, work in a toxic environment)
  2. Healing treatment:
    • Diseases of cardiovascular system:
      • essential or secondary hypertension;
      • painful or painless ischemic heart disease;
      • sequel of myocardial infarction (with cardiologist opinion)
      • uncomplicated peripheral obliterative arteriopathy;
      • Raynaud disease, Acrocyanosis, arterial varix faze 1 and 2
      • operated valve disease, after 6 months (with the advice of a specialist)
    • Diseases of the loco-motor apparatus:
      • articular or soft tissue, degenerative rheumatism
      • of posttraumatic reasons
      • neurological
      • spondylosis, arthritis (osteoarthritis, gonarthrosis) tendinosis, fibrosis, spurs, heel, scapular-humeral perinerita, painful sequel after fractures, sprains, dislocations
      • Sequel hemiparesis at 1 year after stroke (with the opinion of the neurologist)
    • Associated diseases:
      • endocrine disorders in the early stages, hyperthyroidism, menopause syndrome
      • drug treated neurasthenia
      • respiratory diseases
      • nutritional and metabolic diseases
      • obesity and lipids disorders
      • osteoporosis
      • occupational diseases


  • Certificate from your family doctor that you are fit for BFT treatment
  • Blood tests: ESR, blood count, cholesterol, urea, T60, T6P, ECG – if necessary
  • appropriate medication for cardiovascular disorders

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